Ipython error: ipython notebook is deprecated



Hi ,

I have installed anaconda I hython and started to the guide lines a complete tutorial with phython and stuck with the following and unable to proceed futher. please kindly need your help.and suggest me how to proceed further.

I have run the following syntax in cmd
ipython notebook --pylab=inline

and throws the following error.

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.3.9600]
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C:\Users\Apricot>ipython notebook --pylab=inline
[TerminalIPythonApp] WARNING | Subcommand ipython notebook is deprecated and w
ill be removed in future versions.
[TerminalIPythonApp] WARNING | You likely want to use jupyter notebook in the
[E 22:36:36.887 NotebookApp] Support for specifying --pylab on the command line
has been removed.
[E 22:36:36.888 NotebookApp] Please use %pylab inline or %matplotlib inline
in the notebook itself.


Hi @tillutony,

The developers of IPython have officially upgraded their project and renamed it as Jupyter. They recommend that instead of accessing the notebook as ipython notebook; you should do it as jupyter notebook. And as for the “–pylab inline”; to plot inline graphs, it is suggested that instead of passing the command as arguments, you should put %pylab inline as a magic function.

PS: Its not an error, its a warning. i.e. it is recommended to do as explained but its not a compulsion.