Iris data set analysis looking for detailed instructions and code



Hello everyone,

I’m an absolute beginner to data science. So far I only know theoretical concepts and basic R and python. I was hoping to get started with doing actual projects, starting with the IRIS data set.

The tutorial for this project provides high level instructions, but I’m unable to perform it.

Is there a github repository, or a blog post that contains the code to the actual execution of the tutorial, along with the interpretation of the analysis and conclusions drawn from it?

Any help will be deeply appreciated

Thanks in advance


Hi @navyamh24,

Not sure about the IRIS solution, but if you are starting your data science career, you can look at the following courses which explain in detail how to solve a basic data science problem. In these courses, you will be working on two of the most widely solved data science problems, i.e. Loan Prediction and Big Mart Sales. Link for the courses are:

Will post the link for IRIS data if I find any.