Is Analytics making an impact in today's world?


Hi Readers,

My Self Srinath , Cuurently working for top MNC bank in world. It’s great honour to write a post on Analytics Vidhya, I have been following this site for long time. My primary tool is SAS.

Here are the few questions to the users:

  1. Is analytics really making an impact in current world?
  2. If so, what would be the primary tool which supports this at the back end?
  3. Is knowing SAS enough to become data scientist? What should be the next steps?

Thanks in advance.

Srinath Rao.



  1. Analytics is definitely making big impact in current world. Be it a search result on Google, friend recommendation on Facebook or acquiring new customers for retail giants - all of these are driven by Analytics. Going by the trends, the least I can say is that the impact is only going to grow with explosion in data.

  2. This is a very open question. The end result is driven by all the tools

  3. I personally think that every Data Scientist should be good at at least one open source stack - R or Python. Also, you will need to learn machine learning and statistics before you can actually become a true data scientist.