Is data Analytics will be good option to opt?


I have 6 years working experience in c and Sybase PowerBuilder but coz of some reason I have a career break of 2 years and there are very few companies in Noida for PowerBuilder so no scope of this but somebody told me about tableau BI tool so I have learnt tableau from youtube .Now I am in confused state after reading some post from these forum whether to change career from software developer to BI will be good or not and will there be any chances that just by practising tableau will get job on tableau BI tool in Noida location…
Please suggest me here .
Your suggestions means a lot.

Software development is the main stream and will always be… grass looks greener on the other side. So be a software developer and start learning data science. Start with learning statistics and don’t try to jump directly to analytics. Set goal for next 6-12 months. All the best :slight_smile:


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Data analytics offers a number of opportunities for organizations to leverage the data analytics advantage. Any company or institution, irrespective of their size, can capitalize on these opportunities to gain critical insights and change their future. By incorporating data analytics, companies can begin to predict outcomes rather than reacting to them make informed decisions and choices, and focus their energies better. You can learn this technology by joining Data Analytics Classes in Noida . Good use of data analytics is guaranteed to improve overall performance of an organization by allowing them to:

  • Improve operational processes by streamlining supply chains and increasing productivity.
  • Detect fraud and flaws by keeping a close vigil.
  • Refine financial processes by increasing visibility, providing insight and granting better control.
  • Reduce risk by being predictive instead of being reactive to environment and change.
  • Innovate and create new models for growth.
  • Improve IT economics by increasing agility, flexibility and abilities of systems.
  • Increase transparency of systems and processes in business.
  • Reduce cost of managing systems and operations.
  • Make quicker, cost-effective decisions.
  • Create products and services based on insights.

Career Options

Let us look at some of the job profiles that are already popular:

Data Analyst

Analytics Consultant

Business Analyst

Analytics Manager

Data Architect

Metrics and Analytics Specialist

Analytics Associate

These are only some of the job titles that data analysts acquire in business organizations. The list is presumably greater. Depending on responsibilities and abilities, data analysts can work under n number of job designations to perform several analytical functions.

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