Is it mandatory to have industry knowledge to shift your career?



Is it necessary to have a specific domain knowledge to shift my career? If yes, how do I gain knowledge in a specific domain? Please let me know.


Hi @yaswanth912

well it depends what you want to do.

Let say if you are a developer and know well one environment such a Oracle BW or similar you could do a lateral shift let say toward supply chain and BW to give one example. If you want to be a consultant for Ariba (supply chain software) that is one other story, there you have to have some good knowledge of supplier management, the main metrics, business process etc… usually people come from the domain in this case.

As predictive analytics is quite new and there is a shortage of skills concerning the algorithm side, as many will say the maths… , for example how to inferences to model customer behaviours for let say the car business if you have good knowledge of the method, LDA, sentiment analysis, real time streaming etc some companies will take you without the domain knowledge.

Hope this help and good luck.



An industry shift can be difficult depending upon the position and maturity level of the organization. I for one, left a long stint in banking to move to healthcare. There are methods to make you more appealing to the person who is concerned about your lack of industry experience:

(1) Work on pro-bono projects in the target industry you want to join. If you can do this, you will pick up the language and buzz words of the industry while proving that you have skills that apply. The challenge, however, is finding a company to take a chance on you…and you have to commit to working nights and weekends if you already have another full-time job.

(2) If option 1 does not work, then the other method of showing industry knowledge is to work on Data Hack or Kaggle projects that are in your target industry. After successfully completing a project, you can add the project to your resume as a concrete example of solving a Data Science problem in the target industry.

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Thank you…This is helpful…