Is it necessary to know Big data to learn data science?



I am a fresher who is going to work in Cognizant.
I am interested in learning Data Science.
Is it necessary to have knowledge of Big Data to learn Data Science ?



Not necessary to know Big data to learn Data science. People can start career in either of two domain (Data Science or Big Data) and over time he/ she can start learning about other area, it will have great advantages in longer run.

To start career in Data Science, I would suggest you to follow the learning path designed by Analytics Vidhya. It is very useful for beginners and have learning paths for all three common tools (SAS, R, Python). I would recommend you to choose any one from R or Python (my personal preference) learning path and follow steps given there.

Hope this helps!



Thanks Mark!!!


Data science is an umbrella term in which many scientific methods apply but big data is handle the large amount of data and handle any kind of data like structure ,unstructured and semi structure .
So it is not necessary to known big data to learn data science .Data science and big data both are the different technology.