Is learning SAP important to be an Analyst. Or would SAS and R suffice?



Hi All

I am about start my formal coaching in SAS and R. But I stumbled upon another software i.e. SAP.

  1. Yes I know nothing about SAP but I have heard of it. So my queries are:-
    a.) what are the uses of SAP.? who all \in which all professions this software is being used?Does analyst use this just like they use SAS and R?
    b.) what are the difference between SAP and SAS.

  2. Secondly, Is learning Python important to learn SAS and R. because I am an economics student so I have less knowledge about different computer languages, though I have learned C and C++. so would this much computer programming knowledge suffice for learning SAS and R?

I know my queries might appear to be foolish but I know nothing and starting from scratch. Every info. is appreciated …

Avnish Grover.



  1. (a) SAP is an entirely different stack, which has highest penetration in ERP. Yes, it has got some analytical capabilities, but the market share in analytics industry is low. Also, SAP integrates with R for advanced analytics - so as long as you learn R, you are in good place. A word of caution - if you continue to think about learning every possible tool, you will reach no where.
    (b) They are 2 different softwares from 2 different companies with different strength & weakness.

  2. SAS & R would be more than sufficient. You will hear different advice from different people. Some one might suggest Scala & Julia as well - don’t get confused, just start your journey with one tool, either SAS or R and master it before thinking of second tool to learn.



Thank you so much @kunal. Thank you so much


the only thing common between SAP and SAS is their names sound similar. But they are very different. Learning R and Python and SAS are more than sufficient for being a data scientist or business analysts. Learning SAP is a different trade altogether.


Thank you so much @ajay_ohri



I am currently working as SAS developer in IT industry for Credit Card/finance domain. I like working on SAS but my only concern is I don’t want to work in Finance domain. As I am a mechanical engineer, I want to work in manufacturing/automotive domain. But I had researched a lot about SAS and found that SAS has scope mostly in banking/finance domain.
What should I do to enter into my domain of my interest, should I leave SAS and move onto to SAP especially SAP HANA so that I will get opportunity in manufacturing domain or learn some other tool?

Please help as I am very much confused here @kunal @ajay_ohri your help here will be appreciated.