Is learning SAS from accredited training centres worth it?




I am currently based in Bangalore. I am looking to learn SAS offline. There is an offline learning center for SAS with their classroom programs.

The course for SAS includes the Base, Advanced and Business Intelligence. The duration is some 3 months. The course fee is huge. In addition to that, for the certification, we’ll have to pay extra.

Is it worth the risk?

Please suggest.


No. It no longer make sense to pay huge fees for SAS language since SAS University Edition is free and SAS Certification Book is just 2-3000 rs (legal copy)

See this



Thanks for the reply, Ajay.

I am still in doubt. The centre would be providing classes for Base, advanced and BI separately by the accredited trainers, as they say.

Also, is it good to learn SAS before hand before applying for jobs or they teach SAS within their trainings?



Best way to start is to download university edition and undergo the base SAS training available for free on You will need to just create a profile there.

Once that is done, you need to decide whether you want to get into Business Intelligence or Business Analytics. If it is BI, you should consider tools like QlikView, Tableau. If it is BA, then do a follow up course from called as Statistics 1.

You can refer to SAS learning path here:

You can always take the exams independently. The institute accredited centers help, if you want to do this in fast paced manner and resources is not a problem (for example, if you company is paying for it).

Hope this helps.



Thanks, Kunal

I underwent some classes on SAS like the basic formulas and have got a basic idea how SAS works.

I want to get into Big Data Analytics which uses SAS. I don’t know it would be classified into BI or BA.

The place where I enquired to learn SAS, they are saying in addition to the course fees, there would charges for the certification program as well. Is it that way? Do we have to pay separately?

Kindly help and suggest.


just read the SAS book and try it out on SAS University Edition. That is the best way to learn and be certified on your own time


charges for the SAS certification exam are minimal. Educational institutes generally charge a big premium