Is MS in Data Science a really good option for a CS student in aspect of Job Opportunities in Tech firms?


Hello I am CS undergraduate in my second year and have a keen interest in Data Science and want to make a career in it but when I surf the net and look for its job opportunities which is great and high in demand I feel that Data Science is somewhat suitable for people with financial and marketing background and mostly business and analytics companies want to hire Data Scientists.
I know tech firms also recruit Data Scientists but they also want student to be good at its CS core disciplines so for a CS student is it better to do MS in CS or MS in Data Science still holds upper hand in tech company?


You are a CS undergraduate in second year. You have 3 years including your second year. If you can take time and actually invest say 2 hours a day in learning tools like R and Python and data science using available online information, you will anyway have an edge over everyone else coming out of college.

Secondly there is definitely slow down as i see in tech companies. If you want to get into core tech product companies, start planning for a masters outside india in a top ranked school and try to create tools by the end of your fourth year to move away from i am very much interested in data science to, i actually did create a tool that does this.

Doesnt matter what you do MS in, for masters inside India is as good as bachelors degree. You want fruit from your masters, please do it outside India. We are long way before our masters will be respected in a global platform.


Lets look over a few skills you need to possess if you wish to dive into the pool of Data Science. Do note that this is not an exhaustible list; data science is a broad field with a plethora of learning areas :

  • Basics of Mathematics, generally Statistics and Probability
  • Either of the coding platforms of Python or R
  • Comprehensive knowledge of Database Management ( SQL )
  • And on top of that sheer curiosity and intrigue about Data.

Data Science is not a field that is restricted to just technical or non technical profiles. Thats the beauty behind it. Its a combination of both.
So, yes even though it is quite widely used in finance, sales and marketing, one of its biggest scopes and applications are in the technical sphere.
Since you are still in your 2nd year, and keen on learning Data Science, I am pretty sure that as long as you can manage to take out mere 2 - 3 hours of your day in working upon just the basic requisite skill set, you will shine as compared to others when you will be looking for job opportunities after your 4th year.

But thats not to say you should not opt for Masters. Although you can become a pretty good Data Scientist without spending lacs of rupees ( or thousands of dollars ), if you wish for a comprehensive and guided learning path, Masters is one of the best options for you.

In case you wish for more clarity, dont hesitate to reply!