Is my profile strong enough get a data scientist role



Hi, I’m a Business Intelligence Analyst working for a leading insurer in the middle east. I have taken up a R programming course from Coursera and currently I’m taking up a data specialization course from Jigsaw Academy. I intend to finish the course by the end of the year and by then I would be comfortable with R,SAS and advanced Excel.
My Profile goes this way
1.Engineering from a Govt College
2.PGDM ( Insurance)
3.Student member of Institute of Actuaries of India with 3 papers cleared.
I would be looking for a data scientist role by the end of the year. Is my profile strong enough with a 1.5 yrs of exp.
If not, what kind of roles can i expect?


Hi @aspirant

There is no need of think if not ,According to me actually you can easily adopt the role if your interested .Lets wait for the other experts comments also :slightly_smiling:

You can go though with this for better clarity

I hope this article gives some boost to you :slightly_smiling:



Thanks Raghav…!! I’ve already gone through this article :slight_smile:
It is not about adoption I’m worried about. The way I see it, it becomes very easy to get into data analytics If you’re from a tier-1 college. I’m not…!
And I’m sure majority of the lot falls in my category…



I am a mechanical engineer by graduation from a tier 2 private engineering college.
No fancy MBA degree.
No statistical background
No experience in BI.
9 years of mainframe experience only in production support.
No back ground of hardcore programming.
No knowledge on business analysis. I can do only technical analysis.

All these 2 years back.

Now i am in data analytics. I accept that it is a hard to conquer here. I still struggle a lot to make me strong even after 2 years, but that is something manageable if you desire to be in this space.

If my profile can suit, why cant yours?? You can start your career as a data analyst, if you wish to, and become a data scientist as you grow in your career.


Thnx. :slight_smile: nice to hear that Varnikaa
I’m trying to grasp as much as possible.but one at a time :slight_smile:


Hi Varnikaa,

I’m from the similar background as you are and wanted to get into data analytics. Could you please guide me on how to transform my career.

Thank you,