Is SPSS tool Worth Learing. What are the pros and cons of this tool?


My company has SPSS V.19 software installed, but nobody uses it for any analysis. I have started using this but not regularly. I would like to learn this software. I approached many training institutes to learn SPSS, but everyone encouraged me to learn SAS or R or Hadoop. moreover I could not find institutes offering training in SPSS. My question is

  1. Is SPSS tool good to learn?
  2. Is there enough opportunity available with this tool?
  3. I am planning to get a certificate on SPSS Statistics Level1 V2. is it worth?




  1. SPSS used to be one of the main competitors for SAS till a few years back (before IBM bought them). However, they have been losing market share now and I have not seen many companies invest in SPSS lately. Having said that, you might still find a lot of resources on SPSS online as it is one of the most commonly used tool in colleges (especially for MBA and Ph.Ds in marketing / research areas.). If you already have access to SPSS, why not learn the techniques using SPSS. I believe it has good user interface.

  2. As I said, the opportunities might be reducing, but you can always learn the techniques and then quickly adapt to a different tool as per the need of the employer (can be on the job as well).

  3. Not sure about this



Thanks for the insight.

Now I wonder why there was only 1 reply on my spss query.