Is statistics degree necessary to be a data scientist?



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This is the most important question for me right now, may be repetitive. I have just completed my Undergraduation in Business economics honours from Delhi University and doing my internship at Indian Agricultural Statistical Research Institute (I.A.S.R.I). Other interns are generally from the Bsc stats. background. Even though I have great knowledge of Statistics ,basic Economietrics, and having formal coaching in SAS and R but:-

  1. would this be sufficient to be data scientist. Its my dream to be one. Is it necessary to have stats degree? because I have great amount of knowledge of stats , C++ and Python.& SAS

  2. If yes, how can I now shift into core statistics field, By doing masters in it or some other program? And want to possess some formal certificate or degree in statistics.

  3. Can I become a data scientist just by having requisite knowledge , or should I have a degree or certi in it.
    Though I have read many Stats books and have done online courses.

So in short now after my undergraduation I want to turn my field into Statistics. so what steps should I take to dive into statistics, what courses or programs to do ? So that I can be a Data scientist or a Business analyst.

What level of mathematics needed/required to make career in big data and data science?
  1. masters degrees could be MBA or M A Economics from a good institute
  2. Another option could be MS Analytics from abroad
  3. Doing python should help you
  4. Work ex as a data scientist should help you more
  5. MS Stats is not necessary in my opinion given your background in coding and statistics
  6. Validate your self assessment by doing Coursera Data Science Specialization- some of the words you used suggest you should practical projects and validation -



There is no such requirement that you need to have a degree in statistics. It is the knowledge that matters - Economic Hons is equally good a degree. You should focus on functional knowledge and interpretation of stats for solving problems.

Of course, if you want to undergo a degree, it will just put a structure and a certification.

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Thank you guys, thanks for your time!