Is the hype for Big Data dead?



It seems big data are not so popular subject anymore. I really wonder is Big Data and its technologies today a solution to handling large-scale data? Or do we have better technology and solution?

And are Big Data over hyped?


Hi @vegas,

Big data ain’t dead. In fact, the amount of data produced in last 2 years is more than previous 5000 years of data combined. The big data is also a popular subject. It’s so BIG that data scientists, big data engineers, software engineers and machine learning engineering are wondering how to use it efficiently using latest technological advances in data science.

The technology for the big data is another scenario. Big data can be handled using various technologies like Spark, Scala, Cassandra, and SQL. Again it really depends on the company what to choose according to their application compatibility.

I get your perspective too. Big data and tools are not easily accessible and workable on laptops and personal computers. The scope of learning is limited by technology and infrastructure. So, was machine learning and deep learning in the past decade. But now, as the algorithms and computation power has exponentially increased (Moore’s law) machine learning and deep learning have earned the generation’s hype.

Really looking forward to the day where our laptops have petabytes of storage and gigabytes of memory chips.
Hope this answered your question.