Is the majority of the Data Scientists work is going to be automated in near future?


Is the majority of the Data Scientists work is going to be automated in near future … ???

  • At least following articles suggest the same…PLZ COMMENT !!

Data science is still white hot, but nothing lasts forever

VP and chief security officer Roland Cloutier, advised caution for people looking to jump into data science. Yes, he said, young people should learn to program But, they should avoid getting into data science despite the current high demand because that demand will be short lived. “Over time, software will do more and more of what data scientists do today.”


The Forbes article that you have mentioned titled ‘The Data Scientist Will Be Replace By Tools’ actually suggests otherwise. It seems you never bothered to read the article. Exactly the kind of mistake that an NLP machine would do without the supervision of an expert. An excerpt from the article:

The most plausible answer to the question seems to be: ‘data scientists will have portions of their job automated, but their work will be much less automated than one might hope. Although we might hope to replace knowledge workers with algorithms, this will not happen as soon as some would like to claim’… While we can—and will—develop better tools for data analysis in the coming years, we will not do nearly as much as we hope to obviate the need for sound judgment, domain expertise and hard work.

The automation that the fortune article you mentioned deals with is only going to make the job of a data scientist easier. There could also be a shift in the responsibilities and possibly the skillset would be more towards understanding and less towards coding as you can automate the coding of the algorithms.
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What about this ?

The Data Science Machine by MIT Might Soon Replace Human Intuition


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I think this is ringing bells much before any thing has happened! Like any evolution process, the work at the bottom of the spectrum might (and will) get automated. The most obvious targets for these are MIS executives, dashboards, data cleaning and feature engineering.

However, we are at least decades away from being able to automate the thinking of a data scientists. The machines will need to evolve a lot before they can ask intelligent questions or present data stories to the stakeholders. So my take is that things will become more automated, but the work of data scientist can not be completely automated.

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