Is there any good reading material for Facial Keypoints detection in R(~Kaggle Competition)




I am participating in the Kaggle competition - Facial Keypoints Detection.Since I am a newbie to analytics I am facing difficulty in moving past the tutorial stage.However I would like to learn more about the topic and it’s implementation in R,but I am not finding any such material.
Can someone please point me in the right direction?



The best way to do Facial Keypoints detection would be through Deep Learning. So, it would make sense to look for resources on machine learning instead of just facial recognition. A good starting point is to do the Neural Networks course on Coursera, which is being taught by Geoffrey Hinton.

Here are a few papers, you can refer to, but they are not in form of a tutorial:,Yang%20Song,Facial%20Keypoints%20Detection.pdf

Also, given that you would need to perform deep learning, it might make sense to try a few tools outside R. I have heard Lua Torch to be the most commonly used library for these computations. I read somewhere that Google, FB and the research group of Prof. Hinton all use Lua Torch for work on Deep learning - but I might be wrong!