Is there opportunities for freshers in data analytics/science



I have work experience of aroung 8 years in IB and HedgeFunds industry . An MBA in finance grads .
With the current trend and growth opportunities in Data Analytics/Science field, I was drive away and completed a certification course in R/SAS ( and now doing Python).

But when I apply for job, the revert I get is not so positive. Everyone is looking for atleast 2 years of Experience. But until and unless I work in this field , where do i get the experience.

So my concern is , is there any scope/opportunities for freshers like me?


Hi @premananda21,

It is indeed difficult to look for the opportunity when you do not have experience in relevant field.
My advice for you is to do couple of things.

  1. As you already have 8 years of experience. I would suggest you to look for Data science projects in your current organization. Look for problems in your organization and decide if Machine learning/data science can help solving those. Once you have completed couple of projects and shown that you can do some projects in data science. try the lateral entry into your organization data science team (if there is any). if not, try building a team.

  2. Go for hackathons which are getting organized in India. Competing on Kaggle is very good. But employers does not consider the kaggle projects as work ex. Atleast local hackathons give you the networking opportunity. Also, some hackathons if you win can land you a job in this domain.

  3. Go for Data science/Machine learning meetups. Network a lot, talk to people, tell them about yourself and see if you can find a common ground where you can help them with something. People are much more prone to help the people from which they have already got some help.

  4. Do the freelancing. It will get you started on you relevant work experience. As now you are working on client project.

Hope I was able to give you some points regarding it.

To be fair:
This advice is coming up from a Mechanical engineer with 7 years of experience in semiconductor industry and I am following up the same path which I am suggesting you to do. I have been able to find some light on this path as my organization’s management has agreed to start some projects on Data science.

Write me if you need to discuss further on this.


Thanks Vikas - I am also looking for opportunity within my firm also but they hired only from IITians and IIMs , but my search is still on.