Is this a classification problem? (Given the sample data below)


Hi Experts

i have the data as below


the variables store score we need to predict the top three score classes please suggest the best possible ways to go head.




It looks like a multi class classification problem where the target variable has following classes - O, N, J, D.

But I am not clear about the problem statement you mentioned. According to the problem statement, we need to predict top three scores? Could you explain a bit more about it?


HI Aishwarya,

I want to find people we can target for convert to our talent pools. In order to do this I need to label / classify these people.


#4, If each row has one class, its a multi-class problem. (since you have multiple classes in your target)

and if there can be multiple labels for each row (which is not the case I think), then it becomes a multi-label problem.


All i want to know is basing on score of a candidate can we perform multi class classification

#6, yes


can u point me to any examples


You can check out this thread Which algorithms are good for Multiclass classification problems? for multi-class approaches


Hi ,

I am using a method to count the skill of the employee as one column ,and emp_id as second one and mapping to class label and using random forest i what to understand how is the splitting happening.

insights much appricaiated.


Hi Have the below data values in the db

How do i create a labelled data for the top skill