Is this a content or course?




I’m a bit confused.
Is the loan prediction program a contest or a course or tutorial?


Hi Karaoke,
Loan Prediction is a contest, where we have to build a model(program) for the machine to predict whether a person will get loan or not.


Hi @karaoke,

Loan prediction is given as a practice problem for you to get started with simple machine learning algorithms. The problem statement is quite simple. As @rock_bt said, you have to create models to predict whether a person will get loan or not, based on the features such as his age, job , income etc.


Hi @karaoke,

Loan_Prediction is a practice problem on the data hack platform. The link for the same is here:

To start this problem, we have also created a course which explains the exploration and modeling part for this problem. You can register for the course and learn techniques that can be applied for this practice problem. The link for the course on Loan Prediction is here:




Thank you all.
How can I get started? I’m a novice but seriously interested in learning data science from A to Z.


Hi @karaoke,

You can start with learning R/python, followed by basic statistics and machine learning models. Below are some articles you might find useful -