ISB vs Great Lakes


@kunal… hi kunal… I am a comp sci engineer & mba (narsee monjee, mumbai) working in j p morgan (operations) as a business analyst for the past 5 years. My role involves business process re-enginerring, process automation and process improvements. I am a complete novice when it comes to analytics. I want to add this to my skill set and work in a profile where I can combine my experience in business analysis with analytics. I have a gmat score of 720.

I have admission offers from great lakes and iim b. Request your advice on the following… Am in a dilemma whether to join great lakes or apply for isb and wait for the same it being the best available course. Please advice on the way forward… thanks



I think moving into analytics is a good move for you. Between Great Lakes and ISB, I usually recommend ISB - the brand being the major reason behind the recommendation.

If you can afford & can do it from the best place, why not do it from there. If the cost seems high and doing the course is causing stress on your pocket, go for Great Lakes.

Hope this helps.



with a GMAT score of 720- have you looked at options abroad?



I haven’t specifically for business analytics… I did apply to some mba programs… had a couple of admits but then nothing materialized due to various reasons… and due to that am not sure even if I get an admit how would I fund that


a MS Analytics may suit you better than a MBA. Data scientists are generally required to have skills not degrees. So choose and spend your money wisely. In that much money you can hire someone to come home to teach you Python and R!