Issue in accessing 'Introduction to data science' course



I enrolled in the Introduction to Data Science course. It was valid until December. But now the dashboard is empty. Can you please look into the problem.



Did you enroll into the course as a participant in the student datafest?


I am also face this problem .


Analytics Vidhya conducted the student datafest in order to encourage and guide the students entering into the field of data science. As a part of the datafest students were provided the access to the course ‘Intoduction to Data Science’ till July 15th.

For students registered in the datafest, a link was provided via mail to avail the course before 15th july at a discounted amount. In case you have registered for the course during the datafest, and wish to purchase the course, please share your contact details on or DM me.


So do I have to purchase the course now in order to access it?


Yes, you will have to purchase the course. For students already registered, can avail the special offer for a limited period. Will DM you the details.


But I completed this course and also completed my projected .
Why I should purchase this course?