IT Operations Defect Prediction Model



Hi, I have given a task to create a prediction model for IT Operations management. It primarily includes the following areas:

  1. Yearly/Monthly/Weekly/Daily/Hourly Call volume forecast in IT Service Helpdesk
  2. Prediction of incidents based on their Priority/severity or Issues
  3. Prediction of major failure like Disk Failure/Switch/Router which ultimately result into the High Severity Incident.

I have researched a lot on google and found some of the techniques for first model (call volume forecast) but unable to use it for my prediction model. I have came across with ARIMA model for time series forecast, but I’m now stuck with how to START part.


Hi @Dikksha,

Your problem is related to time series. This article on AnalyticsVidhya covers the concepts related to time series and ARIMA. You can refer this article to start with time series modeling.

Ankit Gupta