Job opportunities in clinical SAS programming after 14 years of experience




I am Ramakrishna, a BSc graduate (Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics). I have been working as a medical transcriptionist for the past 14 years. I have done a certification course in SAS programming. As I have been working in the healthcare industry, I would like to know what are the job opportunities in clinical SAS programming and which companies are recruiting people like me as I will be a fresher in this industry. Should I need to learn any courses other than SAS programming. Please help me in this regard.



It is usually very difficult to move into advanced analytics industry after such long experience.

I would recommend that you can look at taking up an ETL / BI developer role on SAS or any other tool like QlikView / Tableau / MicroStrategy.

Hope this helps.



Hi Sir,

Thank you very much for your valuable guidance.


@rammalavade Since you are already working in Life Sciences industry and acquainted with SAS, you can try learning about different Clinical Data Standards like CDISC, SDTM and ADAM. There is a huge demand for people in Pharmaceutical Industry who are well versed with these standards. SAS is the most common tool used for implementing these standards. So, companies like Pfizer, Merck, Otsuka, Novartis keep looking for people who are good in SAS, are well versed with Clinical standards and have Life Sciences background. You can take a look at below link for some interview questions regarding this: