Job opportunities in India after big data certification?


I completed my post grad 5 years back in the field of computer and I don’t have any experience in IT and I stay out of India. If I do any certifications in big data do I have any job opportunities in India since its been long time and with nil experience.



It depends a lot of your work experience till date and the place where you are doing your certification from. If you can share more details in your question above, I might be more helpful.



My situation is also almost similar to this. I have completed my MBA in finance in 2011.Before that I did my B.Tech in computer science. I worked for ANZ for 14 months as a process associate. Since that job was not challenging I quit the same.

I always love numbers. When I did my research about possibilities to build a new career I found analytics is suitable for me.
I did a basic course from Jigsaw. Learned statistics course from edX offered by IIMB. Now I am planning to take certification in SAS/BASE. I am good with statistical concepts. I am comfortable with Advanced Excel.

I already started looking for jobs. But whoever is calling me require prior experience in analytics and or SAS. I am finding it really hard to get a career start.

Can you please tell what more I can do to become industry suitable for a job in this field?
How can I showcase myself to get interview calls?
Will base and advanced certification in SAS helps me in this field?

Please help me. I am really struggling to find my career in the area I like.

Thanks in advance,



Since you have chosen SAS as your preferred tool, you should look at SAS predictive modeling certification. This would help you get accredition from SAS itself. They also put a list of certified predictive modelers on their site.

Also, you should start picking freelancers / participate in competitions in order to gain work experience. The more projects you will do, the better it would be for you. We plan to add a few practice problems on our hackathon platform in coming days, which will be useful to gain experience on industry problems:

Hope this helps.



I currently stay in US since I don’t have work permit, I couldn’t take a job here but I’m planning to do certification under big data. I hope that if I do any certifications right over here once if I get work permit I can work in my preferred tool though I don’t have any experience and no matter how long does the gap took after my studies. But i’m planning to return to India and my question is will I able to get a job with my certifications unless I don’t have any experience at all for nearly 5 years. could pls give me some suggestions