Jobs at Analytics Vidhya Portal - Bug needs fix



Here’s my story while applying for a job on the portal, i search for a job, click on on the headline and it takes me to the details of the job description and other details pertaining to the job. I seem to fit the requirement, so i click on the “Apply” button and it takes me to another page where it states to complete my profile by asking me to fill the current, expected, experience, notice period, and a question on why i would like to join the target company. So, i fill all the required details and i’m ready to click on apply - BUT the “Apply” button status remains inactive and only the “Cancel” button is active. Forcing the user to try all permutations and combination to ensure the “Apply” button gets activated, i tried many and finally lost hope.

If anyone has come across such a situation or if the team at Analytics Vidhya is looking at this post, there seems to be a bug in the code which is hard coded and not really looking at the completion of all parameters before posting the application to the hiring company/contact.