Jobs for Freshers in Data Science field in India


I am Prateek, I am final year B.Tech student, and I am not from IIT. Well, in India it seems like you have done a big mistake by not making it into IIT’s, I am currently in GGSIPU in Delhi.

The thing is I was never happy with the education system here, so after 3rd semester I started exploring internet, edX, Coursera, Udacity, MVA, Various Blogs, etc. I started with Data Structure and Algorithms but I was not really interested in Software Development so in 5th Sem I started learning Web Development, I did not learn back-end but only Front-End. In 6th sem I did my nanodegree from Udacity in Front-End Development (Though I did not get the cetrificate due to some issues) and along with that I also did 4 projects online as a freelancer, it was only web designing projects in which I used HTML, CSS3, Bootstrap and JS(basic) on and, actually they were contests on and I won them as my design was what the client wanted.

So after working as freelancer, on real world projects, dealing with clients I realized that Front-End Development is something I love to do but I would love to do it in spare time, do some blogging etc but I do not want to pursue this as my career so in 7th Sem I started learning Data Science, I knew basic python, learned few packages and enrolled in Microsoft Professional Program on Data Science.

Learned basic stats, then I enrolled in Predictive Analytics for Business Nanodegree on Udacity in 8th semester and completed it successfully. So I know how to use tools like Alteryx and Tableau for Data Analysis for prediction and Visualization, since this course was for Business Analysts they only taught me very basic mathematics behind predictive models like Decision Tree, Forest Model, Boosted Model, ETS, ARIMA, A/B Testing and others like Clustering and Segmentation.

Now I am learning some advanced Statistics and mathematics behind these predictive models I learned. I know Front-End tools like HTML, CSS, JS, other tools like Git, Github, Microsoft Power BI, MS Excel and Python, SQL, Tableau, Alteryx, WordPress, etc.

So the reason I am telling all this is because even after learning so many thing, working on projects related to Front-End Development and Predictive Models, and this enthusiast to learn, I am not getting any job in the field of Data Science and Analytics. Though I was contacted for other jobs in development field but I particularly want to work in the field of Data Science and Analytics and I want to do masters in Data Science after an experience of 1-2 years.

What should I do, how should I get a job in Analytics field?


I am also in the same situation.