Jupyter notebooks on AzureML platform

Just came across this project from Microsoft - looks awesome for people wanting to run Jupyter on the cloud.

Here are the details:
blog: http://aka.ms/jupyter

URL to try:
http://studio.azureml.net ; click on “Get Started”; then +New Notebook and party on. If you want your notebooks saved, login.

What do you think of it now? Azure ML is looking compelling by the day

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Thanks for the link, @kunal. Will try it out.

I’m currently taking part in Scalable Machine Learning on EdX, and for the duration of the course students are given free access to resources to run Jupyter on DataBricks (the people behind Apache Spark, who are also the course sponsor). It’s very handy, as I don’t have to work with the resource hog that is a custom Ubuntu on VirtualBox, and can easily access it when I find time at work without needing to install anything.