Kaggle score of 0.00000 in Titanic




I am participating in the Titanic competition on Kaggle and I’m getting a score of 0.00000 with a random forest model. My earlier submission based on logistic regression was above 0.7.

Please help me identify the plausible reason behind this.



Hi @Aarshay,

Please provide the code snippet you are using for randomforests and also the datastructure of the train data that you are using.
Without seeing the code you have used it is difficult to say where you are going wrong.


Hi @shuvayan,

Thanks for your reply. My bad I should have provided the code snippet.

I got the solution eventually. Although I was writing 0 and 1 in csv file, they were going as “float” and not “int”. So, Kaggle interpreter was unable to read it.

I used typecasting: int(x) in output and it worked fine.

Hope this might help you as well in future.


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