Kaggle Walkthrough on Data Science



There were times when you wished someone to walk you through the entire process of predictive modeling without having you to get into the trouble of going through all the resources available on the Internet.

It seems like the wish has been heard this time by- Kaggle.

Kaggle has launched a series guiding through every step of predictive modeling right from the basics.

Here I am sharing the Links of the three parts of the Series. This thread will be updated with the further releases.

Part 1 deals with the Introduction to Data science and how to approach Data Science problems.

Part 2 provides us with the techniques to understand Data well. A wise statistician once said- “Data is to a Data Scientist as Wife is to a Husband. Know it well and it will tell you all.”

Part 3 emphasizes on the process of Data cleaning and why is it important for building good predictive models.

I hope you will enjoy reading the articles.

Cheers !