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Dear Kunal,

I am into IT corporate sales( of IT infrastructure, like server, storage, backup consolidation, cloud based & other services & latest mobility technologies) for last 4 years after BE computers & MBA Marketing.

I have recently joined Batch 5 of business analytics course from top ranked institute based in Hyderabad.

I am not interested in coding part of R, Python, Java etc. Rather I would like to get into consulting of analytics. But all the assignments n tutorials in this course are based on programming/coding, so i am demotivated & its tough for me to cope up with this.

Kindly suggest me whether I should continue with the course, whether I can get into analytics without coding knowledge.


your choice is therefore to know one analytic solution such SAP analytics or SAS and to be specialised in one area from example retail, telecom or other.
I believe this will give you a chance. SAS is quite popular and some companies speak very high of it because of its drag and drop and the power of its models. Perhaps you can have a look at it, problem you should have access to it and the licence is expensive.

Hope this help.



Hi Ashish,

If your interest is to be analytics consultant then I would suggest to have experience in one of programming language, either R or Python.

As per me little bit of programming knowledge would require to become analytics consultant.

Bhavik K



I graduated from the same institute that you have referred in your question. I had undergone similar nervousness that any other student from our batch faced or probably what you are facing now.

On a broader perspective, this course is intended for teaching the concepts that you would need to know if you want to be in analytics or data science. And in order to understand the concepts, you need to do some coding using R or probably with python. (And this is not required for every subject).

Please note that the course by itself will_NOT_demand you to become an expert in R or Python. You use the R codes in order to learn the concepts that were taught in the class.

Should you consider quitting the course? In my perspective, this is the initial nervousness that many students face. So this should not be a problem and you would be able to get thru. Of course the transition would be very difficult, I am not denying that, but something inside you would have made you to join this course or perhaps made you to choose this school. If that reason is still true, then you can overcome all these problems. The course also comes with a lot of support mechanisms to help you out. Please explore that.

Thank you.


Thanks a lot Varnikaa. This surely gave me some confidence. :smile:


Thanks for the insight Bhavik…


Thanks for the insight Alain…