Knocktober questions



Have few questions.

  1. It is enough to predict turn up, if the registered one turns for any one format.
  2. what does Var1 - Var5 from train.csv



  1. I’ll suggest you to go through the competition submission details again. You are supposed to submit probability of favorable outcomes. Favorable outcomes are clearly defined on the competition page.

  2. No information on this, it could be anything.

PS: If you are having some troubles, do check out this benchmark scripts in R and python on slack group #Knocktober :slight_smile:


Thank you So much


Where can i see the benchmark scripts for R.


hello I am unable to upload my outcome…I am unable to upload the Outcomes. I
am able to upload one file at a time but when I add it in a .zip and
upload it its saying its not a valid .csv format. Please help!