Knocktober related question!



What exactly do we need to find ? Probability of format1 * Probability of format2 * Probability of format3 ? Please correct me if I am wrong.


Hi @gaurav67890,

The motive of the problem is find the “turn-up rate”, i.e. who will come to the camps and take tests / visit stalls. So out of the three formats, even if a person visits a camp, that counts as a turn-up.



Thankyou so much for clarifying.


Trying to make a first submission I get the message that the Headers of the submission file are not valid. Even though I just copied them from the sample submission file.

Any hint?



I am also getting the same error as @Fedias . moderators kindly have a look


i am getting something like


I see health_score attribute in the first two format? Does it indicate the quality of the health and does higher value indicate good health condition?


@Fedias @Darkrider19 The problem has been resolved, please check again

@Sai_Krishna_Bala When a person attends a camp, he could opt for the test provided. These test give a gives an abstract score of the person. Please refer the data dictionary for further info.