Knowledge about business analyst as a career and difference between data analyst and business analyst



Hi all,

I am Avnish Grover, I am pursuing my undergraduation in Economics hons. from Delhi University. I am really keen in analytics field. It has always been my dream to be an analyst. I love, I actually love stats., numbers, econometrics and regression. I finally want to choose this path for my profession. Please guide me as to what all should I do or what all can I do to become one. what course, what internship, masters in what field, and will pursuing Actuarial Science help me in this case. Please, Its most important to me right now. I am new to this, and really want to learn.

SO, from where can I start, should I start with learning R and SAS? and most importantly I want to know the difference between data analyst and business analyst. Are these two different profession or one being the part of another. I would really appreciate if you could help me with this.



Here are a few pointers to help you out on your journey to become an analyst:

  • Focus on understanding the concepts - stats, probability, predictive modeling
  • Start with one tool (R or SAS) and continue to use it until you become awesome at it.
  • Follow blogs and communities - AV included
  • Try and participate in a few Kaggle competitions before you pass out
  • Use open courses running on Coursera / edX to top up your knowledge
  • Masters in Eco or any other quant subject should be good.
  • Actuarial can help a bit, but not much if you don’t want to get into Insurance

Regarding the designations, they are used loosely in industry. So, it is better you read the JD. In a few cases, you may find that data analyst refers to a person responsible for making sure that data is ready for modeling. This requires cleaning of data, storing, transformation etc. Business Analyst then uses this data to pull out insights and interfaces with the business.

Remember that this is not true for all the companies.



Thank you so much for your reply, it means a lot to me.

  • SIr, I have pretty good grasp on stats and probability, but I need to study about predictive modeling; no idea about it.
  • Secondly, are there any formal institutes or coaching center from where I can learn R or SAS. I really want to start soon.
  • And sir most importantly, I wanted to ask you that I am planning to join this virtual summer internship in analytics for beginners from internshala in association with Analytics Vidhya. So, would this course be beneficial ? As I have basic knowledge of Econometrics, Hypothesis , stats and complete knowledge of Excel. So should I enroll myself into this or should I utilize this time in learning R or SAS.

And Sir , for the last time I want to clarify this, that are data analyst/data scientist , business analyst and web analyst same things or the latter two are just the parts of business analyst spectrum. And sir what do you mean by “reading JD” . Lastly, I want to know that does learning R and SAS only useful for data analysts or Business analysts should also learn R and SAS. It would mean a world to me if you (@kunal ) can help me with this.

Avnish Grover