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Hi ,i know this might sound out of the blue .I am writing to you as i am very keen to continue way ahead in dasta science journey.
For this i came acrooss some knowledge based competitions and learning tutorial that is very basic
with regard to the knowledge based competitions i would like to know if it is possible to get guidance from your end or from any other people included here so that i may get a better grasp and confidence to tackle such future competitions.
what i am asking for is for some senior partner /mentor who could guide me through a single competition that is learning based so as to build my confidence and base to tackle future problems
is it even possible if you know what i mean?
i am open to suggestions
feel free to contact me at 7003571453


Hey @analyticsandme,

Data science professionals usually are short on time but if you really want to work on your skills, you do things on your own. For example, all of the following blogs either discuss a particular competition or tell you what you can do in a competition if you face a situation -

Data Science Competitions in general

  1. Winning Strategies for ML Competitions from Past Winners
  2. 12 Winning Tips to Clinch Your First Win in Data Science Competitions
  3. Simple infographic to help you compete in Data Science Competitions!

Kaggle Tricks

  1. Kaggle Competitions: How and where to begin?
  2. Simple Framework to crack a Kaggle problem statement

Specific Competitions Approaches Discussed

  1. Complete Solution: How I got in Top 11% of Kaggle Telstra Competition ?
  2. Kaggle Solution: What’s Cooking ? (Text Mining Competition)
  3. Getting into Top 10 in Kaggle Facebook Recruiting Competition
  4. Kaggle Bike Sharing Demand Prediction – How I got in top 5 percentile of participants?

There is a lot to learn in these articles also when you go through them, you’ll get a understanding of how the guy approached the problem statement during the competition.

If you have any more doubts, you can always post those doubts here in the discussion portal and the community will help you.

Hope this helps,
Sanad :slight_smile: