Laptop/hardware suggestions for Deep learning



Can someone suggest me which are the best laptops for learning/practicing deep learning. I have been researching on this and many suggest to go with desktop so that it will be feasible to include additional hardware if required in future at a low cost. But as my preference is laptop can someone suggest an appropriate laptop or hardware suggestions.

I have managed to pick Dell 3579 gaming laptop, Dell 7570. Any other suggestions please.


Hi @yaswanth912,

Generally a system with the specifications mentioned below is quite suitable for deep learning models to run. This system should atleast have:

  • Intel i5, 5th generation (or other vendors having similar properties)

  • 8GB of RAM

  • 1TB of storage

  • 4 GB of Nvidia Graphics Card

Also, it is preferred that you have an Ubuntu Operating System installed in your system, because it is a tricky task to setup the system on other Operating Systems.


You want to get the best graphics card you can get. I’m not sure which one is in the laptops you mentioned but the surface books also have a 1050 or 1060 in them I think.

If you already have a laptop, I would get a desktop with a 1080ti (or better) in it. Put Ubuntu on it. And download teamviewer on the desktop and laptop. It basically just mirrors your desktop screen to your laptop. So then you pretty much have a laptop with a 1080ti in it.


Go for Dell Precision 7570 if it’s in budget.But its heavy.


To be honest - Laptop and PC does not matter for getting yourself trained for ML and Deep Learning skills. Personally i use my AWS cloud subscription to spin-up any VM of my choice for my ML coding tasks. I am able to to learn and perform my ML tasks more independently than ever before with this approach. This actually gives me lots of flexibility and freedom to acquire a machine of choice and desired configuration.