Laptop Specs for Analytics


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What should be the laptop/desktop specs for analytical tools, in many links I read Macbook Pro i7. 16GB RAM and 1TB SSD is the ideal combination which costs a bomb, please advise.


Recommended Desktop/Laptop Specs for Data Science

@rockky - System requirement depends on what problem you solve and the volume of the data you want to process and what tool you use to solve. I was using a old system just having p4 processor 2 gb ram for one of my works.


Hi @rockky,

I second varnika’s statement that it depends on your requirement, also on your choice of tool. Say for R everything needs to be on RAM, so say if you have a dataset of 4 GB , you need atleast 8GB RAM to handle it efficiently.

Though looking at current increasing dataset size I would recommend a minimum 8-16GB , i7 configuration laptop only. You don’t have to go for Macbook, you can buy a normal laptop and double boot it with windows and linux. Good laptops - MSI prestige series, Acer aspire v17 nitro series, ASUS ROG G series. You will find these all are gaming laptops, but generally gaming laptops are cheaper with better configuration. Try buying it from US, it will cost you around $1000-1200 (INR 80000 - 90000), in India the same will cost you around 1.25 lakhs.

There are other option like going to cloud services like AWS, Microsoft azure etc, where you can buy a virtual machine which you can handle remotely with any normal desktop.

Hope this helps.



@aayushmnit - comprehensive answer. Thank you.



I do not know this Mac, check in any case if it has one Nvidia GPU. If you need CUDA for your analytics it is important. For example the iMac does not support CUDA.



thanks guys for inputs.
Also discovered this earlier link from Kunal… (Check the “Hardware – choice of your machine” section)