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Hi All,

I will be pursuing Master program in Analytics in Canada in Sep 2017. I want suggestions for the laptop. My budget is INR 1 lakh roughly 2000 CAD .

I am planning to buy from Canada since it is will be cheaper there.
I have zeroed down on the configuartion like i7 6th or 7th Gen, 16GB RAM, etc but not able to decide which model from ASUS Zenbook, Dell XPS , HP Spectre.

Any more suggestions of Brands are welcomed.


Check this article, It will help you in deciding for laptop for ML.

Hi Prasad,

If you want to purchase the laptop from Canada, its better to purchase a processor at least I5 processor 6th generation . Be sure the company will provide the full accidental cover plus international warranty, In India most of the company stop provide the Accidental cover(October 2016, Nehru place Delhi) and if the liquid fell into the screen , its not included, you have to pay extra for that.Its better to purchase extended warranty at least 3 years because after first or second year the components of laptop start facing the issue, May be in Canada to repair the laptop is costly. My recommendation is purchase HP/MAC then ASUS please dont purchase dell laptop its quality get worst day by day.Be sure in your laptop you will install Microsoft office.Purchase those laptop which have service center near to your college.

Hey just a random question out of the context for an answer to your question. Which program in canada are you going to pursue?

Hi, I am going to pursue MSc Applied modeling and Quantitative methods with Big Data analytics stream from Trent University.

Thank you Ankit for your suggestion. What do you think about Gaming laptops like ASUS ROG series, MSI etc, they are relatively cheaper and also has a powerful processor compared to Spectre, Dell xps , Zenbook.

Thanks a lot for the info Arihant :slight_smile:

Hi Prasad,

I have no knowledge regarding the gaming laptop. but i learnt one think purchase the middle segment laptop because technology change every year. So be sure the components are latest. If there is any problem in laptop after few year the spare parts are costly. I faced an issue already i have an dell studio 1555 which is 7-8 year old and l have faced an issued in video card and mother board and i have already invest around 10000 bucks in the last six month and local vendor gave me one month warranty for parts but after 45 days i faced the same issue and he told me you have to change the part again if that problem occur next time its better to sold it.

Ps You can asked about the laptop in times of india gadgets section on saturday newspaper or join thes people on facebook or social networking sites .cell guru NDTV (Rajiv Makhani), Tech guru people like Ankit (Ex tech guru), Abhishek(Ex Tech Guru)

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If you are looking for a best laptop for machine learning , i will recommand you to go for Dell XPS 15 9560 , even it’s mentioned in

Hey there,
if you are interested in gamging laptop then must try MSi series as they are best in the market. after that i was inspired by alienware gaming laptop as the most selling laptops they have in the market right now.
but you can also check this latest guide that is suggested by a senior gamer few days ago.

this is specially written for overwatch but they are covering almost every game as much i know.

Hi, Prasad

If I’m not wrong, a data analytics graduate program typically focuses on mathematical and programming skills and tools. Therefore, I would like to suggest a laptop with a powerful processor (higher clock rate 3+ Ghz and multi-core), 16GB memory (at least), SSD storage, lightweight (easy to carry), 4K display (it probably wouldn’t fit under one lakh budget, so full HD would be great), and longer battery life.

There are tons of options are available, and here it’s not possible to tackle all of them with few words. So, you are can check my website to find a suitable laptop for you, it doesn’t matter that from which stream do you belong, you will definitely find the best laptop for you.

Adverd Brat.

Nice Question, You have enough budget for buying any laptops, Last month a buy a laptop from, In this website you can buy laptop under your budget, check out latest article Best Laptops under 700


Here are some best laptop which is good for daily use and for programing.

I think you are in need of a smooth and high-performance office laptop. My suggestion would be a Chromebook which is perfect for all the office related works like presentations and all others. You should check from one of the high-end Chromebooks present here.

There are some electronics you won’t want to buy every five years so you need kind of PCs that last longer than standard ones. Gaming laptops are good in every aspect of standard PCs because you will get more graphics, more storage space, and long-lasting battery life.

Hey there,
if you are interested in drones,tech and many more others varous gears then must try many series as they are best in the market. after that i was inspired by gears as the most selling they have in the market right now.
but you can also check this latest guide that is suggested by a senior few days ago.

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