Leaderboard scoring - clarification needed




I am quite confused on the scoring methodology of loan prediction (and btw Bigmart as well). I have a final score of 0.8125 and still lagging behind. Some people with 0.0 scores are in front of me!

Could you pelase explain?





There had been some temporary development happening yesterday at our platform. The problem has now been resolved.
If you still do feel that the problem exists, feel free to contact me at pulkit@analyticsvidhya.com


Dear Pulkit,

Thanks for the answer, fair enough, that explains everything!

Keep up the good work, and thanks for the site maintenance, very cool stuff!



Hi aktakukac, could you please let me know which accuracy test you have used to test your model?


Hello datateja,

In this particular case I did not calculate any accuracy test myself, just used the scoring of the site itself.

Normally I use RMSE however.

Hope this helps.



Hi @aktakukac, thank you for your reply.


How can i increase my score after one time submission??
please let me know…


Hi @rajibstats,
You have to try many things to achieve top score :wink: Always remember good models achieve a good score. Also there’s extra 2% bonus with ensembling! See this
and this discussion if you want to know what others have tried.

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