Learning from Data - Learning Group




Dear all,

I have created Learning_from_data group, which all group members can use for referring to this entire group. If you want to join the group, please leave your details here:

Learning from Data - relaunched

Here are a few suggestions I think we should use the group for:

  1. Sharing additional resources on the topics being discussed in the course
  2. Use this portal to ask specific questions, if you are not clear about them through the course material
  3. Treat all the group members as learning buddy, so feel free to discuss your challenges, problems and reactions

Some Do’s & Dont’s

  1. Remember that the purpose of creating this group is to aid learning. So, irrespective of how simple / basic the question is, please reply with an intent to help. Treat fellow members with respect all the time.

  2. Let us not share solutions to the problems until the submission is closed. Once closed, we can obviously discuss it in details.

To kick off the discussions, here is a simple poll:


Which tool are you planning to use for the course:

  • R
  • Python
  • Matlab
  • Linoso
  • Other?
[/ [poll]]



But I would want to try Lionoso cuz it seems interesting


Guys is that links enabled?.. I have not seen any update? please update if I am reffering different


+1 for Python!


python !


I would go for R.


Python and R


have created a slack channel for this as well. Feel free to join there or continue discussions here



Python & R


Hi all! I am a web applications developer learning interested in machine learning. I am new to languages like R and python (I have working knowledge of both).
What would you suggest a javascript developer to learn for this course? R or python?
would like to know your take on this.


Python and gretl


@Vartika_Sinha, I think the transition to Python is going to be smoother than to R for developers. 0-indexing vs 1-indexing for arrays and vectors can be really annoying.