Learning one tool at a time or taking multiple trainings at a time?


HI Team - Analytics Vidhya,

First up I would like to Thank You for all the content in the site. When I began exploring the world of Analytics, I was completely lost, ‘Analytics Vidhya’ has given me so much clarity and has answered many of my questions. Am sure, an immense amount of efforts have gone into the making of this website/contents; it is indeed greatly helping many aspiring Data Miners out here.

My background

I am a newbie in the IT industry, am a 2013 C.S Graduate with 2 years of experience. I currently work in the domain of IT Cloud Infrastructure.

I find the field of Analytics very interesting and look to shape my career in this area. I aim to be a Data Scientist on Big Data. Being a beginner, I am confused as to where to start my learning from. Apart from self study from online content, my intentions are to enrol into a Training Course.
The many institutions offering a plethora of courses, ranging from SAS, R, Big Data/Hadoop, MongoDB and so on, there are some who are offering everything combined into one!

My Question:
I write this seeking your expert Guidance on - Being a complete beginner into the world of programming and DBs -
Should I take it one by one, start from learning SAS and R? Once am familiar with the above two, dive into Hadoop and all the associated technologies?
Does it make sense to make use of the combined courses, get a wholesome training?

It would be greatly useful, if you could throw light on a better way I could take my steps forward.

I wait impatiently to receive the response from the experts, Analytics Vidhya.
I thank you in advance.

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Thanks for following Analytics Vidhya :smile:

I would recommend to take one training at a time and spend enough time working on live industry problems. You should focus on understanding techniques rather than mastering tools.

So, you should pickup one tool - I would say R / Python might be best for some one in your shoes. Once you know basic techniques of analysis on smaller datasets, then you should look for mastering Hadoop ecosystem.

The companies will give you jobs on your problem solving capabilities, rather than on the basis of how many tools do you know.

Hope this helps.



Hi Kunal,

Thank you for making time to answer my queries :smile:

As you have suggested, I am currently following the R - Learning Path (this article is a life saver!)
I shall first aim to gain problem solving capabilities and scale upto Hadoop later in the day.
Yeap… sounds like a plan :slight_smile: