Learning Path for Statistics,R, and SQL basics



Hi everyone,

I have just started studying on R tool.However I also want to start Tableau training & SQL basics simultaneously.Please suggest on path of learning and let me know if my thinking is correct :slight_smile:



Hi @chakraborty.arijit28

My advice to you will be that one must learn as many languages as possible because I always believe that language or tool should never be a barrier for a good Analyst/ Data Scientist.

I think you have made an excellent choice and should pursue it. For R, Hereโ€™s the learning path that you can rigorously follow to master it:

Also, you can additionally go through this excellent tutorial series to get the basics right.

For Tableau, you can use:

I wish you best of luck for your learning. Feel free to shoot any doubts.



Youtube. I dont mean to make it sound ridiculous. But ridiculously enormous source of data is available that it takes time to view videos, install required software and start practicing.

Just search for quizzes on sql and R and attend each on of the question and you will gain good knowledge.

As always the above link posted by Saurav is pretty much what you can do to start with.