Learning Path to Pick to become a Data Scientist



I am a MS BI, SQL Developer (SSIS,SSAS,SSRS) with full cycle implementation of the mentioned SQL Services.

Further i have also explored some open source tools like Pentaho, MongoDB in the context of the big data.

Most recently i have worked on the reporting with SSRS.

Guys can you please help me in take the way from here … take to the path on Data Analytic /Scientist.

A) R/ Python
B) Tool Tableau
D) Stick to MS BI Suite



Hi @vineetDubey_BI

One part for data science is the tools R/Python and SQL form a good base. The second part and more important are the methods and concepts therefore the statistics and probabilities.

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Thanks Alian
What I understood is my current skill set is in align with the emerging trends of the Data Scientist i have to explore the R which i think is shipping with SQL Server 2016 upcoming release. About statistics and the probabilities did you mean DAX or SSAS data mining.
I really thank full for your valuable suggestion and heading me to the right direction
Thanks again .!!!


Hi @vineetDubey_BI
when I was mentioning statistics I was referring the the generic topics, once you know for example non parametric regression it does not matter if you use R or SAS, of course you show know the language syntax but the assumptions about the data variables and response do not change :slight_smile:
It take about 1 to 2 years from my experience to have a good grasp on statistics and probabilities at reason of 2 hours a day of study, if you come with some knowledge of calculus but can starts before for example with descriptive statistics and if you are in business that is already 80% of the work with data cleaning !!! With background in BI and ETL so you need about 6 months max to come to a good level of descriptive statistic, my guess.
Hope this help


Hi @vineetDubey_BI

I forgot to mention in Analytic SAP is very strong and will be stronger with time with the new S4 Hana so if you have experience with SAP already check SAP Hana and there Pal library.
Sorry I bias there I spent too long with SAP :slight_smile:


hi ,

Its wonderful to get the help and insight , you have narrow it down to descriptive statistic.

No didn’t have SAP in bag for now. Though I was thinking for http://www.sas.com/en_us/software/business-analytics.html :slight_smile:

earlier I dealt with Health Care and Clean energy domain data pipeline and Analytic and reporting. (BI)

Thanks Alain


Hi @vineetDubey_BI

Health Care is the next big thing :slight_smile: Good luck for you new career.

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