Learning paths to AI, ML (for some one familiar with R)



I am familiar with R but don’t know python or java or any other programming language. I would like to learn AI and ML. Will the knowledge of only R be sufficient for learning AI or ML basics? Can anyone provide some good resources to help start me with AI and ML? Any prerequisites?



R should suffice for basic ML and if you are comfortable with it, you should continue working on it. You can use this as a learning path for the initial days:

Once you have built a few ML models - you can start picking up Python as Python has much better ecosystem in Deep Learning and is also a general level programming language.

Hope this helps.



R and Python are the languages for Data Science and ML (other exist but are not as well known). To get into ML the language is only a support in a way you need to know some methods if you want to build robust model pretty well. In few words R is good to support ML brush your statistics it will my advise.
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