Learning R or continue with Python for data science?


I have been coding and practicing data science in python till now. I have become used to the package - scikit learn,pandas,numpy- which is the best requirement in data science for python. However some of my friends have started using R and they tell me that it is the best for machine learning and data science.Should I learn it and start using R for my data science projects or should I continue with python



R vs Python is always a controversial discussion and always boils down to personal preferences.

My two cents, instead of focusing on what tools you use, try focusing on what problems you solve. Tools may get extinct, ideas will not.



@jalFaizy Thanks for writing out :slight_smile:


Hi Aditya,

Remember time to time many tool will come in the market but, main concept is analytic and statistical approach a one should be strong enough to crack the problem , tools can be anything , those tools can be learn in few months…

Hope this gives you some thought, to determine.