Learning To Learn Machine Learning!


Hi Guys

Data Scientist aspirant here. My question is more of a generic one where I would like to know everybody’s approach towards studying, especially when you are starting out in your journey. Do you guys divide the days in a week to study different books or you focus on going one book at a time. I am finding a little difficulty in planning this.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!




Instead of going through books, it’s better to learn from online courses like coursera, edx, datacamp (for hands on R and Python for data science). Then you could go for books to learn in more detailed version. Getting your hands dirty by doing some analytics project from AV or Kaggle is more efficient than learning theory! :slight_smile:

Abhishek Das


Thanks Abhishek. I guess you understand my conundrum…Learning data
science is an ocean and If you dont have a compass with you you’ll be lost!


You might find this helpful!


This is awesome. Thanks man!