LearnUp - Analytics / Data Science Session For Beginners



LearnUp - Learn Data Science From Scratch

Considering the fact that, by 2018, there will be a shortage of 140,000 data science professionals in the US alone!. This meetup is organized for beginners keen to learn data science / analytics.

During the session, we’ll teach them useful basic tricks in a hands on manner and then help them with their career related queries.

If you are keen to learn analytics / data science, but haven’t been able to secure the necessary support, do no worry, we’ll be helping you to take the next step in data science. And trust me, it isn’t that difficult!
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Note: Food is on the house...you need to bring passion along with you. There'll be a lot to learn for you. And there is NO Fees. But, LIMITED SEATS. So, HURRY!

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Just in case you don’t miss out on this session.
Note: This session only for beginners keen to get ahead in their career in data science / analytics. Therefore, if you are already an experienced professional, this session might not be worth your time. Please spread the word.


Please conduct in Delhi too…


Chennai as well.


@ved One in Delhi is in works. We will declare it shortly.

@Varnikaa - Currently there is none planned in Chennai. May be @karthe1 @SRK @BALAJI_SR can get together and do one? We will make sure we get the community going.



Thanks…will be waiting


Hi @kunal is there any chance for kolkata!!


That is a great idea. Please let me know the next steps.


I am in…


@kunal is this session available online?


Kunal & SRK can you please conduct one session in Bangalore.