Life of a Consumer Durable product


Hello this is Shreenag. I actually had a question on how to get the life of a consumer durable product? After what period of time will a customer change his LED,Refrigerator,AC,Mobile and Washing machine. Every product will have a different life. Can you help me how do i get it?


Hi @shreenag3101

It’s quite interesting that you want to track down user behaviour. Here are the things you can try:

  1. to get hold on the data which can help you find the desired insights. It might be the sales data from a leading retail store with some product ID associated with each user or some other data that you might find relevant.

  2. In case, you can’t find data than unfortunately, you might have to reduce the size of you sample to yourself and your family and friends and note the activities.

It will be really interesting to find this out and I believe it’ll be impacted by a number of factors like season, how frequently does the power cut occurs in that region, average age of family, average size of family, etc.