Loan_Prediction 3 : I dont understand the 'No of Dependent' Variable


The values for the ‘Dependents’ variable is 0/1/2/3+ ,so is the variable categorical or numerical. Also, if numerical how to deal with the ‘3+’ value.

Thanks in advance


Hi @vidMath.

It represents the no. of dependent persons in the family of person who has applied for loan.

You can simply replace 3+ with 3 or 4 and convert it to numerical.
Another way could be to use create dummy variables.


Hi all,
Ive just joined the Contest here , and was wondering how to get loans dataset, coz we ar pretty struggling to find it!
what Im sugsting here if any one already have the dataset share it with the rest (New joiners) to ble to work on it , would be much appreciated guys!

thanks alot for your help


“Dependents” variable is a numeric variable. The observations of this variable show no of dependents.
3+ can be {3,4,5,6…}(cant be 10 or more ideally),but it has 3 default. Hence choose 3 and proceed, in converting the type of the variable, and do modelling.

Hope this helps