Loan Prediction III : Wanted to know about Final solution option



I have participated in Practice Problem: Loan Prediction III and wanted to know that what will happen if I marked one of my solution as final? Can I submit more solutions after that? What is its purpose?


Hi @Dattatray.Shinde,

The purpose of marking solution as final is that at the end of the competition you (the participant) selects whichever solution you feel will better perform on the hold-out set (for the private leaderboard).

That being said, the practice problems are for knowledge and learning and to gain exposure on real-life problems. So it should be taken as such and not as a competition.

Getting back to your original question, Yes, you can make multiple submissions even after marking the final solution.


@jalFaizy Thanks for prompt reply! Later can I change (switch) my final solutions?


Where / how do I mark my solution as final…in the Solution Checker somewhere?


Hi all,
Ive just joined the Contest here , and was wondering how to get loans dataset, coz we ar pretty struggling to find it!
what Im sugsting here if any one already have the dataset share it with the rest (New joiners) to ble to work on it , would be much appreciated guys!

thanks alot for your help


i am very new here, please help me to start with.


plz if you got dataset then plz share with me.


You can download the dataset after registering on the hackathon page.

  1. Go to
  2. Select Practice Problem: Loan Prediction III
  3. Click on Login/Register
  4. Confirm email
  5. Come back to the page on step 2
  6. Scroll down to get the dataset


I Have submitted the solution but how do I know that you have received it. I cant find it on dashboard.


Your score will appear here :
Your submissions

Here is the leaderboard to check where you stand