Loan Prediction Problem Dataset

Hi Aishwarya, cannot download the Test File. Nothing happen when I clicked on the link. Can download the Train File. Please help send the file to my email Tx

Please try again. You should be able to download the Test file now.


Try the code below:

 data['Gender'].fillna(data['Gender'].mode()[0], inplace=True) 

` train=train.drop([‘Income_bin’, ‘Coapplicant_Income_bin’, ‘LoanAmount_bin’, ‘Total_Income_bin’, ‘Total_Income’], axis=1)

train[‘Dependents’].replace(‘3+’, 3,inplace=True)

test[‘Dependents’].replace(‘3+’, 3,inplace=True)

train[‘Loan_Status’].replace(‘N’, 0,inplace=True)

train[‘Loan_Status’].replace(‘Y’, 1,inplace=True) `

this code dosen’t work,

on this side, i got :slight_smile:

KeyError: “labels [‘Income_bin’ ‘Coapplicant_Income_bin’ ‘LoanAmount_bin’ ‘Total_Income_bin’\n ‘Total_Income’] not contained in axis”

Hi @melinahafelt13,

you must have run the cells once, so these columns were removed from the data. If you run the same cell again, it’ll throw an error. You can either restart the kernel or load the dataset again.

Is this an example of Predictive Modeling?

Hey @Eddie84,

Can you throw some light on ‘this an example of’? Which part of this thread are you referring to? Also, If you think that your question can be a completely different topic of discussion, please feel free to create a new topic.

Hi Aishwarya,

I was asking if this Loan Prediction Problem is an example of Predictive Modeling?

@Eddie84, yes you are right. You will have a train dataset and a test data. you can build a predictive model and make predictions on the test data.

please can you send me the dataset to this email address

Thank you.

Hi @kolebanks,

Here are the steps to download the dataset. Please go through this thread. If you face any issues let me know.

Totally agree

hi, i see that the files in the link are not in csv format, they are in txt format. can you please share the files in the csv format so that it would be easy for me to work. thanks a lot !

Hi @koushik_sadhu,

The file is in the csv format. Below is a screenshot of the same. Please make sure you have logged in and registered for this problem statement.

If you face any issues, please let me know.

hi aishwarya,

Thanks for the immediate replay. I logged in and downloaded the file and i still see the format is in the txt file. please see the screen shot below.

blue arrow is pointing the file format. please seee. Thanks a lot !! :slight_smile:

i am not sure what am i missing.

if possible , can you share me the csv files ? that would be a great help

my email id is

thanks a lot !! :slight_smile:

Hi @koushik_sadhu,
I have shared the dataset with you over email.

Hi can u send the dataset to

I was not able to download csv file it si downloading in .txt format only

This is so sad, everyone cannot be wrong on not finding the dataset. Please you have done a great job of posting a free course, make life easy for those who want to be your fan by just making the data easily available. I registered, signed in and still can’t find the data. Please can you send me the data on Thanks

Hi @xtian4zy @naveen610,

I have shared the files with both of you on the email provided.

Also, I just checked (using firefox) and I was able to download the files in csv format. But when I switched the browser to chrome and tried the same, I encountered the same issue. We are looking into it. Thanks for notifying.