Log Transformation for skewed data



As we know, to convert right skewed data into symmetry we have to transform using log. I tried the same in R (code as below) for some sample data in order to understand the shape coverts from right skewed data to normal distribution or not.

[1] 0.6931472 0.6931472 0.6931472 0.9162907 1.0986123 0.6931472 4.6051702 4.7874917

as you see 100 and 120 makes the above data set into right skewed in untransformed data histogram figure

I take log of these data in order to make them normally distributed , after taking log the histogram does not seem to me normally distributed it looks me weird , is it due to lack of data or I am missing something

Thanks in advance



Try Box-cox transformation, log transform does not always convert your distribution to a normal distribution. Please refer to the section ‘Transformations for Skewed Distribution’ from this article.


If data is this separate, just create two clusters and do your analysis for each clusters. It may not be skewed, it may just be a pattern.


thanks ankit , this make sense